A Comparison Between Soft Floor and Hard Floor Camper Trailers

Posted on: 18 April 2018


Are you planning to buy a camper trailer and you are undecided about whether you should selected a soft floor or a hard floor model? Read on and discover how those two kinds of camper trailers compare with each other on a given set of attributes. Use this information to make the right decision about the most appropriate type of camper trailer for your needs.

Setting Up

Hard floor camper trailers are generally easier to set up when compared to soft floor versions. For example, the hard floor camper trailers with a hard top can simply be flipped over so that what was previously the top of the camper now becomes its floor. You will therefore take a shorter time to have the camper ready for the night in case you selected a hard floor model.


The firm surface provided by the hard floor of hard floor campers makes these vehicle accessories more stable than campers with soft floors. You will therefore find it easier to use the hard floor camper on an uneven outdoor surface as compared to the difficulties which you may have to deal with if you had a soft floor camper on the same uneven ground.

Storage Space

Soft floor campers generally have more storage space when compared to their hard floor counterparts. The soft floor provides flexibility for different innovative ways to keep things. For example, pop up storage space can be created beneath the floor of the camper trailer. One has to buy a bigger hard floor camper in case storage is a big concern for that individual.

Protection Level

Hard floor campers are the models of choice if you are concerned about the degree of protection which you will receive when camping outdoors. The hard body of the camper provides excellent protection from rain and the hot sun. You will also have little to worry about from insects and other creeping creatures on the ground since the floor is off the ground. Soft floor camper trailers tend to conform to the lay of the land. You are therefore more susceptible to being harassed by creeping insects if you use a soft floor camper.

Each version of camper trailer comes with a unique set of advantages and possible disadvantages. The ultimate decision about whether a hard floor camper or a soft floor model is suitable for you will depend on your specific needs. Talk to an expert for additional advice on the features of the specific camper models which you are considering. For more information, contact companies like Austrack Campers.