Synthetic Gym

Posted on: 24 March 2018


Astroturf, which is a material designed for sythetic grass tennis courts, is a fantastic option to have if designing your own outdoor gym. Small independent gyms are becoming increasingly popular, with many people opting to hire garages with roll up front doors. This allows them to create multi-seasonal gyms that are great for both winter and summer months. This guide will give you some great ideas for utilising any outdoor space you may have by using synthetic grass to create a surface that can be used for a variety of different exercise stations.

Slege Pushes 

One of the best things synthetic grass can be used for are sledge pushes. As the material is often made from nylon, it is both soft and offers little resistence. Sledge pushes are fantastic for building explosive power in the legs and is a firm favourite amongst explosive athletes such as MMA fighters and tennis players. The benfit of synthetic grass is that it can by purchased in long rolls and rolled out across places such as the carpark outside your garage gym. The sledge can then be pushed or pulled without damaging the metal of the sledge or creating too much noise. The grass will also be resistant to rain and can be treated with white paint stripes or different coloured blades to mark out distances and slege tracks.

Cage Gym

Some gyms construct cages outside consisting of various chin up bars, monkey frames and attachments. These are great when you don't have the space for conventional machines and want to focus on bodyweight exercises. Using astroturf beneath the cage is perfect for cushioning the knees when dropping down from some of the higher bars, making it an excellent choice for ground material. It also means that exercise tools such as medicine balls, battle ropes and bulgarian bags are protected from the concrete, thus extending their life. Again, it also dampens the noise which is important in a built up area. If the cage is awkwardly shaped then the turf can be cut to fit or smaller sections can be placed stategically around.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Synthetic grass is very low maintenance. Because of the nylon it can be brushed clean when muddy and will allow rain water to wash right off. There is no need to bring it in each evening unless it is for security purpose, making it a very low hassle option for those with limited space and time.